Leo von Caprivi, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Leo von Caprivi

German major general and statesman

Date of Birth: 24-Feb-1831

Place of Birth: Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

Date of Death: 06-Feb-1899

Profession: politician, military officer

Nationality: German Empire

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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About Leo von Caprivi

  • Georg Leo Graf von Caprivi de Caprera de Montecuccoli (English: Count George Leo of Caprivi, Caprera, and Montecuccoli), born Georg Leo von Caprivi, (24 February 1831 – 6 February 1899) was a German general and statesman who succeeded Otto von Bismarck as Chancellor of Germany.
  • Caprivi served as German Chancellor from March 1890 to October 1894.
  • Caprivi promoted industrial and commercial development, and concluded numerous bilateral treaties for reduction of tariff barriers.
  • However, this movement toward free trade angered the conservative agrarian interests, especially the Junkers.
  • He promised the Catholic Center party educational reforms that would increase their influence, but failed to deliver.
  • As part of Kaiser Wilhelm's "new course" in foreign policy, Caprivi abandoned Bismarck's military, economic, and ideological cooperation with the Russian Empire, and was unable to forge a close relationship with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • He successfully promoted the reorganization of the German military.

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