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Philip Schuyler

General in the American Revolution; United States Senator from New York

Date of Birth: 20-Nov-1733

Place of Birth: Albany, New York, United States

Date of Death: 18-Nov-1804

Profession: politician, military officer

Nationality: United States

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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About Philip Schuyler

  • Philip John Schuyler (; November 20 [O.S.
  • November 9] 1733 – November 18, 1804) was a general in the American Revolution and a United States Senator from New York.
  • He is usually known as Philip Schuyler, while his son is usually known as Philip J.
  • Schuyler. Born in Albany, Province of New York, into the prosperous Schuyler family, Schuyler fought in the French and Indian War.
  • He won election to the New York General Assembly in 1768 and to the Continental Congress in 1775.
  • He planned the Continental Army's 1775 Invasion of Quebec, but poor health forced him to delegate command of the disastrous invasion to Richard Montgomery.
  • He prepared the Continental Army's defense of the 1777 Saratoga campaign, but was replaced by General Horatio Gates as the commander of Continental forces in the theater.
  • Schuyler resigned from the Continental Army in 1779. Schuyler served in the New York State Senate for most of the 1780s and supported the ratification of the United States Constitution.
  • He represented New York in the 1st United States Congress but lost his state's 1791 Senate election to Aaron Burr.
  • After a period in the state senate, he won election to the United States Senate again in 1797, affiliating with the Federalist Party.
  • He resigned due to poor health the following year.
  • He was the father of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton and the father-in-law of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton.

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