Matsudaira Naritami, Date of Birth, Date of Death


Matsudaira Naritami

daimyo of the late Edo period; 8th load of Tsuyama domain

Date of Birth: 12-Sep-1814

Date of Death: 23-Mar-1891

Profession: samurai

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

About Matsudaira Naritami

  • Matsudaira Naritami (?? ??, September 12, 1814 – March 23, 1891) was a Japanese daimyo of the late Edo period who ruled the Tsuyama Domain of Mimasaka Province. Born Tokugawa Ginnosuke (???), the 16th son of the shogun Tokugawa Ienari, Naritami was adopted by Matsudaira Naritaka of Tsuyama.
  • Naritami succeeded him in late 1831, continuing as daimyo of Tsuyama until 1855.
  • Naritami was the lesser-known third candidate in the shogunal succession dispute of 1858 (the other two being Tokugawa Iemochi and Yoshinobu).
  • In a rather curious turn of events, following his retirement, Naritami received a stupendously large pension of 10,000 hyo (?; bales of rice) directly from the Bakufu; this is believed to have been because of his status as Ienari's son. Following the Meiji Restoration, Naritami became the guardian of the young Tokugawa Iesato, overseeing his education.
  • As he oversaw most of the principal affairs of the family (particularly during Iesato's time studying abroad), he was secretly known by some as dai jurokudai (???? "16th generation [lord of the clan]").
  • Naritami was deeply trusted by Yoshinobu, even with affairs as important as finding good matches for his children.
  • A letter left by Yoshinobu attests to this fact: Before any marriage proposal, be sure to consult with Naritami.
  • During the Meiji era, Naritami was made a shishaku (viscount) in the new nobility system.
  • Naritami, also known as Matsudaira Kakudo, was an acquaintance of Clara Whitney, and is often mentioned in Whitney's early Meiji-era diary. Naritami's court rank was the rather high senior third rank (shosanmi ???); at different times over the course of his life, he also held the honorary titles of Echigo no Kami ??? and Mikawa no Kami ???. Naritami died on March 23, 1891 at age 78.

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