Sakuzō Yoshino, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Sakuzō Yoshino

Japanese academic

Date of Birth: 29-Jan-1878

Place of Birth: Ōsaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Date of Death: 18-Mar-1933

Profession: writer, historian, political scientist, university teacher

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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About Sakuzō Yoshino

  • Sakuzo Yoshino (?? ??, Yoshino Sakuzo, January 29, 1878 – March 18, 1933) was a Japanese academic, historian, author and professor of political science.Yoshino was active as a political thinker in the Taisho period.
  • He is best known for his formulation of the theory of "Minponshugi," or politics of the people. Yoshino was born in Miyagi prefecture in 1878, and entered into Miyagi-Jinjo elementary school (Present Sendai First High school )in 1895.
  • He graduated from Tokyo Imperial University in 1904.
  • In 1906 he went to China as a private tutor for the son of Yuan Shikai, the then dominant Chinese politician.
  • He returned in 1909 and took a position teaching political history and theory in the Faculty of Law at Tokyo Imperial University until 1924.
  • In 1910, he went abroad for three years to study in Germany, England and the United States.
  • On his return he began to write articles discussing the problems of implementing democratic government in Japan, such as political corruption and universal suffrage.
  • He published his most famous essays in the noted literary magazine Chuokoron.
  • Arguably his most significant work, "On the Meaning of Constitutional Government," was written in response to the popular belief in the superiority of the Prussian pattern.
  • In it, Yoshino argued that democracy was compatible with the concept of the emperor's sovereignty. In December 1918, Yoshino joined with others to establish Reimeikai which was a society "to propagate ideas of democracy among the people." This group was formed in order to sponsor public lectures.

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