Erdal İnönü, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Erdal İnönü

Turkish physicist and politician

Date of Birth: 06-Jun-1926

Place of Birth: Ankara, Turkey

Date of Death: 31-Oct-2007

Profession: politician, physicist, diplomat, university teacher, academic

Nationality: Turkey

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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About Erdal İnönü

  • Erdal Inönü (6 June 1926 – 31 October 2007) was a Turkish theoretical physicist and politician, who served as the interim Prime Minister of Turkey between 16 May and 25 June 1993.
  • He also served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey from 1991 to 1993 and as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from March to October 1995.
  • He served as the leader of the Social Democracy Party (SODEP) from 1983 to 1985 and later the Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) from 1986 to 1993.
  • He was the son of the 2nd President of Turkey, Ismet Inönü. Inönü initially founded the SODEP in 1983 with the intention of contesting the 1983 general election.
  • However, the National Security Council that had been established following the 1980 military coup banned Inönü from standing for office.
  • Standing down as chairman in order to be replaced by a politician that could seek office, Inönü was succeeded by Cezmi Kartay.
  • However, SODEP was banned completely from contesting the election, resulting in Inönü taking over as leader for a second time shortly after.
  • His party contested the 1984 local elections and came second with 23.4% of the vote.
  • SODEP merged with the People's Party in 1985 and Inönü became the leader of the new Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) in 1986.
  • In the 1986 parliamentary by-elections, the SHP came third with 22.7% of the vote and Inönü was elected as a Member of Parliament for Izmir.
  • He was the only successful SHP candidate. Following the 1991 general election, the SHP formed a coalition with Süleyman Demirel's True Path Party (DYP) and Inönü became Deputy Prime Minister.
  • He briefly served as the acting Prime Minister in 1993 after Demirel was elected President.
  • After the DYP elected Tansu Çiller as their leader and she formed a government, Inönü continued as Deputy Prime Minister until he resigned as party leader in 1993.
  • He later served as Foreign Minister in 1995 until he stepped down as an MP in the 1995 general election.

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