Louis Archinard, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Louis Archinard

French Army general

Date of Birth: 11-Feb-1850

Place of Birth: Le Havre, Normandy, France

Date of Death: 08-May-1932

Profession: military personnel, general officer

Nationality: Poland, France, Mali

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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About Louis Archinard

  • Louis Archinard (11 February 1850 ÔÇô 8 May 1932) was a French Army general at the time of the Third Republic, who contributed to the colonial conquest of French West Africa.
  • He was traditionally presented in French histories as the conqueror and "Pacifier" of French Soudan (today Mali).
  • Archinard's campaigns brought about the end of the Tukulor Empire.
  • He also spent a large amount of energy fighting Samory Toure.
  • Archinard was succeeded as military commander of the Sudan in 1893 by Eug├Ęne Bonnier, who left from Bordeaux on 5 August 1893 to take up his new command. Bonnier had no instructions and decided to follow Archinard's advice, use his own judgement and seize Timbuktu. He was killed on 15 December 1893 by a force of Tuaregs.In 1897 Archinard was reassigned to French Indochina. In World War I, he commanded in August 1914 the 1er Group of Reserve Divisions, and in 1917-1918 the Polish Legion in France.

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