Abdülaziz, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death



Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Date of Birth: 09-Feb-1830

Place of Birth: Istanbul, Turkey

Date of Death: 04-Jun-1876

Profession: composer, ruler

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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About Abdülaziz

  • Abdülaziz (Ottoman Turkish: ??? ?????? / ?Abdü'l-?Aziz, Turkish: Abdülaziz; 8 February 1830 – 4 June 1876) was the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and reigned between 25 June 1861 and 30 May 1876.
  • He was the son of Sultan Mahmud II and succeeded his brother Abdulmejid I in 1861.Born at Eyüp Palace, Constantinople (present-day Istanbul), on 8 February 1830, Abdülaziz received an Ottoman education but was nevertheless an ardent admirer of the material progress that was made in the West.
  • He was the first Ottoman Sultan who travelled to Western Europe, visiting a number of important European capitals including Paris, London and Vienna in the summer of 1867. Apart from his passion for the Ottoman Navy, which had the world's third largest fleet in 1875 (after the British and French navies), the Sultan took an interest in documenting the Ottoman Empire.
  • He was also interested in literature and was a talented classical music composer.
  • Some of his compositions, together with those of the other members of the Ottoman dynasty, have been collected in the album European Music at the Ottoman Court by the London Academy of Ottoman Court Music.
  • He was deposed on grounds of mismanaging the Ottoman economy on 30 May 1876, and was found dead six days later under unnatural and mysterious circumstances.

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