Ivan Mane Jarnović, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Ivan Mane Jarnović

Croatian violinist and composer

Date of Birth: 26-Oct-1747

Place of Birth: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Date of Death: 23-Nov-1804

Profession: composer

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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About Ivan Mane Jarnović

  • Ivan Mane Jarnovic (Italian: Giovanni Mane Giornovichi; 26 October 1747 – 23 November 1804) was a violinist and composer during the 18th century, often said to have been Italian but whose family was of Ragusan (today in Croatia) origin.
  • There is no evidence that he ever lived in the Croatian lands to which both his paternal and maternal lineages have been traced.
  • He later appears to have held French citizenship, escaping to England during the revolution.
  • His career spanned Europe as he performed and/or sojourned in almost all major centres including Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, St Petersburg, Vienna, Stockholm, Basel, London, Dublin, amongst others.
  • It appears he was a pupil of Antonio Lolli and he was an acquaintance of Joseph Haydn, with whom he shared concert programmes in London. Jarnovic was reputedly born at sea en route from Dubrovnik to Palermo, Sicily (or was possibly born in Palermo), where he was baptised in the church San Antonio Abate on 29 October 1747.
  • He died in St Petersburg, Russia on 23 November 1804.

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