Rustam Ibragimbekov, Date of Birth, Place of Birth


Rustam Ibragimbekov

Soviet and Azerbaijani writer, screenwriter and film director

Date of Birth: 05-Feb-1939

Place of Birth: Baku

Profession: screenwriter, writer, politician, playwright, cinematographer, film director, film producer, prosaist

Nationality: Russia, Azerbaijan

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

About Rustam Ibragimbekov

  • Rustam Mammad Ibrahim oglu Ibragimbekov (Azerbaijani: RĂ¼st?m Ibrahimb?yov; Russian: ?????? ????????????; born 5 February 1939) is a Soviet, Azerbaijani screenwriter, dramatist and producer, well known beyond his home Azerbaijan and the former Soviet Union.
  • He is the chair of the Cinematographers' Union of Azerbaijan and director of the Ibrus Theatre.

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