Alexandra of Yugoslavia, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Alexandra of Yugoslavia

Queen Consort of Yugoslavia

Date of Birth: 25-Mar-1921

Place of Birth: Athens, Attica Region, Greece

Date of Death: 30-Jan-1993

Profession: politician

Zodiac Sign: Aries

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About Alexandra of Yugoslavia

  • Alexandra of Greece and Denmark (Greek: ??e???d?a, Serbo-Croatian: ??????????/Aleksandra; 25 March 1921 – 30 January 1993) was, by marriage to King Peter II, the last Queen of Yugoslavia. Posthumous daughter of King Alexander of Greece and his morganatic wife Aspasia Manos, Alexandra was not part of the Greek royal family until July 1922, when at the behest of Queen Sophia, a law was passed which retroactively recognized marriages of members of the royal family, although on a non-dynastic basis; in consequence, she obtained the style and name of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark.
  • At the same time, a serious political and military crisis, linked to the defeat of Greece against Turkey in Anatolia, gradually led to the deposition and exile of the royal family, beginning in 1924.
  • Being the only members of the dynasty allowed to remain in the country by the Second Hellenic Republic, the princess and her mother later found refuge in Italy, with Dowager Queen Sophia. After three years with her paternal grandmother, Alexandra left Florence to continue her studies in the United Kingdom, while her mother settled in Venice.
  • Separated from her mother, the princess fell ill, forcing Aspasia to make her leave the boarding school where she was studying.
  • After the restoration of her uncle, King George II, on the Hellenic throne in 1935, Alexandra stayed in her native country several times but the outbreak of the Greco-Italian War, in 1940, forcing her and her mother to settle in Athens.
  • The invasion of Greece by the Axis powers in April–May 1941, however, led to their moving to the United Kingdom.
  • Again exiled, Alexandra met in London the young King Peter II of Yugoslavia, who also went into exile after the invasion of his country by the Germans. Quickly, Alexandra and Peter II fell in love and planned to marry.
  • Opposition from both Peter's mother, Maria, and the Yugoslav government in exile forced the couple to delay their marriage plans until 1944, when they finally celebrated their wedding.
  • A year later, Alexandra gave birth to her only son, Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia.
  • However, the happiness of the family was short-lived: on 29 November 1945, Marshal Tito proclaimed the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Alexandra, who had never set foot in her adopted country, was left without a crown.
  • The abolition of the Yugoslav monarchy had very serious consequences for the royal couple.
  • Penniless and unable to adapt to the role of citizen, Peter II turned to alcoholism and multiple affairs with other women.
  • Depressed by the behaviour of her husband, Alexandra neglected her son and made several suicide attempts.
  • After the death of Peter II in 1970, Alexandra's health continued to deteriorate.
  • She died of cancer in 1993 and her remains were buried in the Royal Cemetery Plot in the park of Tatoi in Greece, before being transferred to the Royal Mausoleum of Oplenac in 2013.

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