Jan Mohr, Date of Birth, Date of Death


Jan Mohr

Norwegian-Danish physician and geneticist

Date of Birth: 10-Jan-1921

Date of Death: 17-Mar-2009

Profession: physician, geneticist

Nationality: Norway

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Jan Mohr

  • Jan Gunnar Faye Mohr, (10 January 1921 – 17 March 2009) was a Norwegian-Danish physician and geneticist, known for his discovery of the first cases of autosomal genetic linkage in man, between the Lutheran blood groups and the ABH-secretor system, and between these and the hereditary disease myotonic dystrophy.
  • Besides being first steps in mapping the human genome, the findings illustrated the medical potential of linkage analysis in prenatal genetic diagnosis.
  • Mohr is eponymously known by the syndrome Mohr-Tranebjærg, a progressive deafness with X-linked mode of inheritance, which was first described by Jan Mohr, and then more comprehensively by Tranebjærg et al.
  • The 'Mohr syndrome', or oral-facial-digital syndrome type II, is named after Otto Lous Mohr, uncle of Jan Mohr.

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