Cesare Borgia, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Cesare Borgia

Duke of Romagna and former Catholic cardinal

Date of Birth: 13-Sep-1475

Place of Birth: Subiaco, Lazio, Italy

Date of Death: 12-Mar-1507

Profession: condottiero, cleric

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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About Cesare Borgia

  • Cesare Borgia (Italian pronunciation: ['t?e?zare 'b?rd?a, 't???-]; Valencian: Cèsar Borja ['s?za? 'b??d?a]; Spanish: César Borja ['?esa? 'ßo?xa]; 13 September 1475 – 12 March 1507), Duke of Valentinois, was an Italian condottiero (military leader), nobleman, politician, and cardinal with Aragonese and Italian origins, whose fight for power was a major inspiration for The Prince by Machiavelli.
  • He was the son of Pope Alexander VI (r.
  • 1492–1503, born Rodrigo Borgia) and his long-term mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei.
  • He was the brother of Lucrezia Borgia; Giovanni Borgia (Juan), Duke of Gandia; and Gioffre Borgia (Jofré in Catalan), Prince of Squillace.
  • He was half-brother to Don Pedro Luis de Borja (1460–88) and Girolama de Borja, children of unknown mothers.After initially entering the church and becoming a cardinal on his father's election to the Papacy, he became, after the death of his brother in 1498, the first person to resign a cardinalate.
  • He served as a condottiero for the King of France Louis XII around 1500 and occupied Milan and Naples during the Italian Wars.
  • At the same time he carved out a state for himself in Central Italy, but after his father's death he was unable to retain power for long.
  • According to Machiavelli this was not due to a lack of foresight but to his own illness.

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