Koxinga, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death



Chinese military leader

Date of Birth: 28-Aug-1624

Place of Birth: Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

Date of Death: 23-Jun-1662

Profession: politician, fighter, pirate, military commander

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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About Koxinga

  • Zheng Chenggong, Prince of Yanping (27 August 1624 – 23 June 1662), better known internationally by his Dutch-Romanised Hokkien honorific Koxinga or Coxinga (Chinese: ???; pinyin: Guóxìngyé; Pe?h-oe-ji: Kok-sèng-iâ), was a Chinese Ming loyalist who resisted the Qing conquest of China in the 17th century, fighting them on China's southeastern coast. In 1661, Koxinga defeated the Dutch outposts on Formosa and established a dynasty, the House of Koxinga, which ruled the island as the Kingdom of Tungning from 1661 to 1683.

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