Guillaume de Machaut, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Guillaume de Machaut

French poet and composer

Date of Birth: 01-Jan-1300

Place of Birth: Machault, Grand Est, France

Date of Death: 01-Jan-1377

Profession: writer, composer, poet, songwriter

Nationality: France

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Guillaume de Machaut

  • Guillaume de Machaut (French: [gijom d? ma?o]; sometimes spelled Machault; c.
  • 1300 – April 1377) was a medieval French poet and composer.
  • He is regarded by many musicologists as the greatest and most important composer of the 14th century.
  • Machaut is one of the earliest composers on whom substantial biographical information is available, and Daniel Leech-Wilkinson called him "the last great poet who was also a composer".
  • Well into the 15th century, Machaut's poetry was greatly admired and imitated by other poets, including Geoffrey Chaucer. Machaut composed in a wide range of styles and forms.
  • He is a part of the musical movement known as the ars nova.
  • Machaut helped develop the motet and secular song forms (particularly the lai and the formes fixes: rondeau, virelai and ballade).
  • Machaut wrote the Messe de Nostre Dame, the earliest known complete setting of the Ordinary of the Mass attributable to a single composer.
  • Some of his best-known rondeaus are "Ma fin est mon commencement" and "Rose, liz, printemps, verdure".

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