Ephrem the Syrian, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Ephrem the Syrian

Syriac deacon and a prolific Syriac-language hymnographer and theologian of the 4th century

Date of Birth: 01-Jan-0306

Place of Birth: Nusaybin, Turkey

Date of Death: 09-Jun-0373

Profession: writer, poet, deacon, theologian, cleric

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Ephrem the Syrian

  • Ephrem the Syrian (Classical Syriac: ??? ????? ??????? Mor Afrem Suryoyo, Classical Syriac pronunciation: [m?r a?'rem sur'j??j?]; Koine Greek: ?f?a?µ ? S???? Efrém o Sýros; Latin: Ephraem Syrus, also known as Saint Ephraem, Ephrem of Edessa, Ephrem, or Ephraim; c.
  • 306 – 373) was a Syriac Christian deacon and a prolific Syriac-language hymnographer and theologian of the fourth century. Ephrem is especially beloved in the Assyrian Syriac Orthodox Church, and counted as a Venerable Father (i.e., a sainted Monk) in the Eastern Orthodox Church.
  • His feast day is celebrated on 28 January and on the Saturday of the Venerable Fathers.
  • He was declared a Doctor of the Church in the Catholic Church in 1920. Ephrem wrote a wide variety of hymns, poems, and sermons in verse, as well as prose exegesis.
  • These were works of practical theology for the edification of the Church in troubled times.
  • So popular were his works, that, for centuries after his death, Christian authors wrote hundreds of pseudepigraphal works in his name.
  • He has been called the most significant of all of the fathers of the Syriac-speaking church tradition.

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