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Julius Martov

Russian politician

Date of Birth: 24-Nov-1873

Place of Birth: Istanbul, Turkey

Date of Death: 04-Apr-1923

Profession: politician, opinion journalist

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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About Julius Martov

  • Julius Martov or L.
  • Martov (born Yuliy Osipovich Tsederbaum/Zederbaum; 24 November 1873 – 4 April 1923) was a politician and revolutionary who became the leader of the Mensheviks in early 20th-century Russia.
  • He was an old friend and mentor of Leon Trotsky, who described him as the "Hamlet of Democratic Socialism".
  • Vladimir Lenin, his longtime political opponent, confessed in 1921 that his single greatest regret was "that Martov is not with us.
  • What an amazing comrade he is, what a pure man!" According to his sister and fellow Menshevik, Lydia Dan, Martov had an "inexhaustible charm that attracted people".
  • As a result, some commented it was frequently difficult to record why they followed him, and he confessed that "I have the nasty privilege of being liked by people".

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