Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau

French writer, orator and statesman

Date of Birth: 09-Mar-1749

Place of Birth: Le Bignon-Mirabeau, Centre-Val de Loire, France

Date of Death: 02-Apr-1791

Profession: writer, politician, economist, diplomat, journalist

Nationality: France

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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About Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau

  • Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, Count of Mirabeau (9 March 1749 – 2 April 1791) was a leader of the early stages of the French Revolution.
  • A noble, he had been involved in numerous scandals before the start of the Revolution in 1789 that had left his reputation in ruins.
  • Nonetheless, he rose to the top of the French political hierarchy in the years 1789–1791 and acquired the reputation of a voice of the people.
  • A successful orator, he was the leader of the moderate position among revolutionaries by favoring a constitutional monarchy built on the model of Great Britain.
  • When he died (of natural causes) he was a great national hero, even though support for his moderate position was slipping away.
  • The later discovery that he was in the pay of King Louis XVI and the Austrian enemies of France beginning in 1790 brought him into posthumous disgrace.
  • Historians are deeply split on whether he was a great leader who almost saved the nation from the Terror, a venal demagogue lacking political or moral values, or a traitor in the pay of the enemy.

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