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Keke Geladze

Mother of Joseph Stalin

Date of Birth: 05-Feb-1858

Place of Birth: Gori, Shida Kartli, Georgia

Date of Death: 04-Jun-1937

Profession: Day labor, homekeeper, dressmaker, memoirist, modiste

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

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About Keke Geladze

  • Ekaterine Giorgis asuli Geladze (1856/1858 – 4 June 1937), commonly known as "Keke", was the mother of Joseph Stalin. Born into a family of peasants outside of Gori, she married Besarion Jughashvili, a cobbler, and had three sons; only the youngest, Ioseb, lived.
  • Besarion would leave the family, leaving Geladze to raise her son.
  • Deeply religious, she wanted Ioseb to become a priest, working as a seamstress in Gori in order to pay for his education.
  • Geladze remained in Gori when Ioseb moved to the Tbilisi Spiritual Seminary, and stayed there until his rise to power in the Soviet Union as Joseph Stalin.
  • In her older age Geladze lived in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia; while Stalin wrote to her, he visited rarely, with the last visit in 1935.
  • She died in 1937, and was buried in the Mtatsminda Pantheon in Tbilisi.

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