Tomoyuki Yamashita, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Tomoyuki Yamashita

general in the Imperial Japanese Army

Date of Birth: 08-Nov-1885

Place of Birth: Kōchi, Japan

Date of Death: 23-Feb-1946

Profession: military officer

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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About Tomoyuki Yamashita

  • Tomoyuki Yamashita (?? ??, Yamashita Tomoyuki, November 8, 1885 – February 23, 1946; also called Tomobumi Yamashita) was a Japanese general of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.
  • Yamashita led Japanese forces during the invasion of Malaya and Battle of Singapore, with his accomplishment of conquering Malaya and Singapore in 70 days earning him the sobriquet The Tiger of Malaya and led to the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, calling the ignominious fall of Singapore to Japan the "worst disaster" and "largest capitulation" in British military history. Yamashita was assigned to defend the Philippines from the advancing Allied forces later in the war, and while unable to stop the Allied advance, he was able to hold on to part of Luzon until after the formal Surrender of Japan in August 1945. After the war, Yamashita was tried for war crimes committed by troops under his command during the Japanese defense of the occupied Philippines in 1944.
  • In a controversial trial, Yamashita was found guilty of his troops' atrocities even though there was no evidence that he approved or even knew of them, and indeed many of the atrocities were committed by troops not actually under his command.
  • Yamashita was sentenced to death and executed by hanging in 1946.
  • The ruling against Yamashita – holding the commander responsible for subordinates' war crimes as long as the commander did not attempt to discover and stop them from occurring – came to be known as the Yamashita standard.

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