Marie-Angélique Memmie Le Blanc, Date of Birth, Date of Death


Marie-Angélique Memmie Le Blanc

Feral child

Date of Birth: 01-Jan-1712

Date of Death: 15-Dec-1775

Profession: nun

Nationality: France

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Marie-Angélique Memmie Le Blanc

  • Marie-Angélique Memmie Le Blanc (1712 in Wisconsin?, French Louisiana – 15 December 1775 in Paris, France) was a famous feral child of the 18th century in France who was known as The Wild Girl of Champagne, The Maid of Châlons, or The Wild Child of Songy. Her case is more controversial than that of some other feral children because a few modern-day scholars have regarded it as either wholly or partly fictional.
  • However, in 2004, the French author Serge Aroles argued that it was indeed authentic, after spending ten years carrying out archival research into French and American history.Aroles speculates that Marie-Angélique had survived for ten years living wild in the forests of France, between the ages of nine and 19, before she was captured by villagers in Songy in Champagne in September 1731.
  • He claims that she was born in 1712 as a Native American of the Meskwaki (or "Fox") people in what today is the Midwestern U.S.
  • state of Wisconsin and that she died in Paris in 1775, aged 63.
  • Aroles found archival documents showing that she learned to read and write as an adult, thus making her unique among feral children.

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