Anton Makarenko, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Anton Makarenko

Russian and Soviet educator and writer

Date of Birth: 13-Jan-1888

Place of Birth: Bilopillia, Sumy Oblast, Ukraine

Date of Death: 01-Apr-1939

Profession: educator, pedagogue, non-fiction writer

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Anton Makarenko

  • Anton Semyonovich Makarenko (Russian: ????ยด? ????????? ????ยด?????, 13 January 1888 โ€“ 1 April 1939) was a Russian and Soviet educator, social worker and writer, the most influential educational theorist in the Soviet Union who promoted democratic ideas and principles in educational theory and practice.
  • As one of the founders of Soviet pedagogy, he elaborated the theory and methodology of upbringing in self-governing child collectives and introduced the concept of productive labor into the educational system.
  • Makarenko is often reckoned among the world's great educators, and his books have been published in many countries.In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution he established self-supporting orphanages for street children โ€” including juvenile delinquents โ€” left orphaned by the Russian Civil War.
  • Among these establishments were the Gorky Colony and later the Dzerzhinsky labor commune in Kharkov, where the FED camera was produced.
  • Makarenko wrote several books, of which The Pedagogical Poem (?????????????? ?????), a fictionalized story of the Gorky Colony, was especially popular in the USSR.
  • In 1955 a movie with English title Road to Life was produced.

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