Ferdinand Lop, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Ferdinand Lop

French politician

Date of Birth: 10-Oct-1891

Place of Birth: Marseille, Provence-Alpes-CĂ´te d'Azur, France

Date of Death: 29-Oct-1974

Profession: writer, poet, politician, journalist, humorist, drawer

Nationality: France

Zodiac Sign: Libra

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About Ferdinand Lop

  • Ferdinand Samuel Lop, later Samuel Ferdinand-Lop, known as Ferdinand Lop (10 October 1891 in Marseille – 29 October 1974 in Saint-SĂ©bastien-de-Morsent) was a French journalist, draughtsman, English language teacher, writer, poet and humourist.
  • He stood repeatedly as a satirical candidate for the French Presidency and for the AcadĂ©mie française. He married Sonia Seligman on 18 January 1923 in Paris. During the French Fourth Republic, Lop stood on an electoral platform which consisted of: the elimination of poverty after 10 pm; the construction of a bridge 300 m wide, to shelter vagrants; the extension of the roadstead of Brest to Montmartre and of the Boulevard Saint-Michel to the sea (in both directions) – a policy reprised from an earlier satirical candidate, Paul Duconnaud; the installation of a slide in the Place de la Sorbonne, for students of the University of Paris [notorious for instigating political unrest]; the nationalization of brothels, to give prostitutes the benefits of public servant status; the reduction of pregnancy from nine to seven months; the installation of moving pavements, to make life easier for wanderers; providing a pension to the widow of the unknown soldier; the relocation of Paris to the countryside, for fresh air; the removal of the last coach from Paris mĂ©tro trains.He authored numerous booklets, often with evocative titles, such as Thoughts and aphorisms (1951), PĂ©tain and history: What I would have said in my inaugural speech at the AcadĂ©mie française if I had been elected (1957), History of the Latin Quarter (1960–1963), Where is France going? (1961) and Antimaxims (1973). He died and was buried at Saint-SĂ©bastien-de-Morsent.

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