Ion Theodorescu-Sion, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Ion Theodorescu-Sion

Romanian artist

Date of Birth: 02-Jan-1882

Place of Birth: Ianca, Braila, Romania

Date of Death: 31-Mar-1939

Profession: painter, caricaturist, trade unionist

Nationality: Romania

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Ion Theodorescu-Sion

  • Ion Theodorescu-Sion (Romanian pronunciation: [i'on te.odo'resku si'on]; also known as Ioan Theodorescu-Sion or Teodorescu-Sion; January 2, 1882 – March 31, 1939) was a Romanian painter and draftsman, known for his contributions to modern art and especially for his traditionalist, primitivist, handicraft-inspired and Christian painting.
  • Trained in academic art, initially an Impressionist, he dabbled in various modern styles in the years before World War I.
  • Theodorescu-Sion's palette was interchangeably post-Impressionist, Divisionist, Realist, Symbolist, Synthetist, Fauve or Cubist, but his creation had one major ideological focus: depicting peasant life in its natural setting.
  • In time, Sion contributed to the generational goal of creating a specifically Romanian modern art, located at the intersection of folk tradition, primitivist tendencies borrowed from the West, and 20th-century agrarian politics. Initially scandalized by Theodorescu-Sion's experiments, public opinion accepted his tamer style of the mid to late 1910s.
  • Sion was commissioned as a war artist, after which his standing increased.
  • His paintings alternated the monumental depictions of harsh environments, and their inhabitants, with luminous Balcic seascapes and nostalgic records of suburban life.
  • Their search for visual concreteness was a standard for the Anti-Impressionist emancipation of the Romanian artistic scene in the interwar period. By the mid-1920s, Sion's style became a visual component of the Neo-Traditionalist, "Romanianist" and neo-Byzantine current formed around Gândirea literary magazine.
  • In the years before his death, the emergent avant-garde was voicing criticism of his new stylistic and ideological choices.
  • Sion's oscillation between modernity and parochialism, his flirtation with authoritarian politics, and the eventual decline of his work endure as topics of controversy.

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