Louis Tregardt, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Louis Tregardt

South African explorer

Date of Birth: 10-Aug-1783

Place of Birth: Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa

Date of Death: 25-Oct-1838

Profession: explorer

Nationality: South Africa

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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About Louis Tregardt

  • Louis Johannes Tregardt (from Swedish: trädgård, garden), also spelled Trichardt (10 August 1783 – 25 October 1838) was a farmer from the Cape Colony's eastern frontier, who became an early voortrekker leader, called the "voorste mense".
  • Shunning colonial authority, he emigrated in 1834 to live among the Xhosa, before he crossed the Orange River into neutral territory.
  • His northward trek, along with fellow trekker Johannes (Hans) van Rensburg, was commenced in early 1836.
  • He led his small party of emigrants, composed of seven Boer farmers, with their wives and thirty-four children, Bushman slaves and Bantu servants, into the uncharted interior of South Africa, and settled for a year at the base of the Zoutpansberg. At this most northerly point of their trek, unhealthy conditions began to take a toll on man and animal.
  • Seemingly abandoned by a follow-up trek, and distant from supplies and buyers for their ivory, Tregardt abandoned the settlement, and led the party southeastwards to the Portuguese outpost at Delagoa bay that would later become Maputo (the capital city of Mozambique).
  • The oceanward route proved arduous and included the challenge of traversing a section of the northern Drakensberg.
  • Though reaching the fort at Delagoa bay, a number of their party contracted malaria en route.
  • Tregardt's wife perished at the fort in May 1838, followed by Tregardt six months afterward.

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