Niccolò Massa, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Niccolò Massa

Italian anatomist

Date of Birth: 14-Mar-1485

Place of Birth: Venice, Venetian Province, Italy

Date of Death: 01-Jan-1569

Profession: anatomist

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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About Niccolò Massa

  • Niccolò Massa (Italian pronunciation: [nikko?l? m'massa]; 1485–1569) was an Italian anatomist who wrote an early anatomy text Anatomiae Libri Introductorius in 1536.
  • In 1536 he described the cerebrospinal fluid. Massa graduated from the Venetian College of Physicians with a degree in surgery in 1515 and then with a degree in medicine in 1521.
  • He lived and practice medicine in Venice his entire life and was one of the most widely respected physicians of the early sixteenth century.
  • IN 1524 he was appointed physician to the Scuola di S.
  • Giorgio, and the nunnery of the Sepulchre.
  • Massa taught, examined candidates and served as Consigliere for the Venetian College of Surgeons as well.Massa was the author of several works beginning with a book on the French Disease which is commonly equated to modern day syphilis in 1524, Liber morbo gallico which went through several editions.
  • This was followed by a book on anatomy, Liber introductorius anathema a book on fevers, Liber de febre pestilentiali a work in Italian, La loica, divisa in sette libri and a collection of his letters, Epistolae medicinales Printed collections of letters from physicians was a popular genre in the sixteenth century.
  • The letter tended to be written diagnosis and treatment advice, but they touched on a variety of topics.
  • Masha mentioned important topics and figures of his day, including offering his opinion of Andreas Vesalius's Fabrica.
  • Masha wrote two more books, Raggionamento ...
  • sopra le infermitia che vengono dall'aere pestilentiale del presente anno MDL and Diligens examen de venaesectione in febribus ex humorum putredine ortis, the last published just a year before he died. Massa was a regular dissector of bodies and performed dissections both to study anatomy and to understand the causes of diseases like Syphilis.
  • He was respected enough to have several books dedicated to him.
  • Like many well-known physicians of his day he is less well-known today because his name is not associated with the discovery of any modern medical fact.

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