Julio Argentino Roca, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Julio Argentino Roca

Argentine politician and general

Date of Birth: 17-Jul-1843

Place of Birth: Tucumán Province, Argentina

Date of Death: 19-Oct-1914

Profession: politician, military officer, diplomat

Nationality: Argentina

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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About Julio Argentino Roca

  • Alejo Julio Argentino Roca Paz (July 17, 1843 – October 19, 1914) was an army general who served as 8th President of Argentina from 12 October 1880 to 12 October 1886 and 13th from 12 October 1898 to 12 October 1904.
  • Roca is the most important representatives of the Generation of '80 and is known for directing the "Conquest of the Desert", a series of military campaigns against the indigenous peoples of Patagonia.
  • During his two terms as president, many important changes occurred, particularly major infrastructure projects of railroads and port facilities; increased foreign investment, particularly from Great Britain; large-scale immigration from southern Europe; expansion of the agricultural and pastoral sectors of the economy; and laicizing legislation strengthening state power.
  • Roca's main foreign policy concern was to set the limits with Chile, which had never been determined with precision.
  • Roca took advantage of the fact that year of 1881, Chile was fighting the War of the Pacific against Bolivia and Peru, so for Chile it was strategically important not to have a second military front.
  • Argentina gained territory by treaty with Chile.

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