Michael Fincke, Date of Birth, Place of Birth


Michael Fincke

American astronaut

Date of Birth: 14-Mar-1967

Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Profession: astronaut, engineer, military officer

Nationality: United States

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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About Michael Fincke

  • Edward Michael "Mike"/"Spanky" Fincke (born March 14, 1967) is an American astronaut who formerly held the American record for the most time in space (381.6 days).
  • His record was broken by Scott Kelly on October 16, 2015.
  • In January, 2019 Fincke was selected to fly on the first crewed flight of Boeing's CST-100 Starliner, making Fincke the first astronaut since John Young to fly on 3 different launch vehicles into orbit. Mike Fincke was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but considers its suburb Emsworth to be his hometown.
  • He is a retired United States Air Force officer and an active NASA astronaut.
  • So far he served two tours aboard the International Space Station as a flight engineer and Commander.
  • He flew on one Space Shuttle mission, STS-134 as a Mission Specialist.
  • Fincke is conversant in Japanese and Russian.
  • He is married to Renita Saikia, and together they have three children; son Chandra and daughters Tarali and Surya.Fincke logged just under 382 days in space, placing him second among American astronauts for the most time in space, and 20th overall.
  • He completed nine spacewalks in Russian Orlan spacesuits and American EMUs.
  • His total EVA time is 48 hours and 37 minutes placing him 11th all time on the list of spacewalkers.

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