Bertil Lindblad, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Bertil Lindblad

Swedish astronomer

Date of Birth: 26-Nov-1895

Place of Birth: Örebro, Örebro County, Sweden

Date of Death: 25-Jun-1965

Profession: astronomer

Nationality: Sweden

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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About Bertil Lindblad

  • Bertil Lindblad (Örebro, 26 November 1895 – Saltsjöbaden, outside Stockholm, 25 June 1965) was a Swedish astronomer. After finishing his secondary education at Örebro högre allmänna läroverk, Lindblad matriculated at Uppsala University in 1914.
  • He received his filosofie magister degree in 1917, his filosofie licentiat degree in 1918 and completed his doctorate and became a docent at the university in 1920.
  • From 1927 he was professor and astronomer of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and head of the Stockholm Observatory.
  • In the latter capacity he was responsible for the observatory's move from the old building in the centre of Stockholm to a newly built facility in Saltsjöbaden Observatory, which was opened in 1931. Lindblad studied the theory of the rotation of galaxies.
  • By making careful observations of the apparent motions of stars, he was able to study the rotation of the Milky Way.
  • He deduced that the rate of rotation of the stars in the outer part of the galaxy, where the Sun is located, decreased with distance from the galactic core.
  • This deduction was soon confirmed by Jan Oort in 1927.
  • A certain class of resonances in rotating stellar or gaseous disks are named Lindblad resonances, after Bertil Lindblad. His son, Per-Olof Lindblad, also became an astronomer.

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