Andronikos II Palaiologos, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Andronikos II Palaiologos

Byzantine emperor

Date of Birth: 25-Mar-1259

Place of Birth: İznik, Turkey

Date of Death: 13-Feb-1332

Profession: emperor

Zodiac Sign: Aries

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About Andronikos II Palaiologos

  • Andronikos II Palaiologos (Greek: ??d??????? ?a?a???????; 25 March 1259 – 13 February 1332), usually Latinized as Andronicus II Palaeologus, reigned as Byzantine Emperor from 1282 to 1328.
  • Andronikos' reign was marked by the beginning of the decline of the Byzantine Empire.
  • During his reign, the Turks conquered most of the Western Anatolian territories of the Empire and, during the last years of his reign, he also had to fight his grandson Andronikos in the First Palaiologan Civil War.
  • The civil war ended in Andronikos II's forced abdication in 1328 after which he retired to a monastery.

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