Iwakura Tomomi, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Iwakura Tomomi

Japanese politician

Date of Birth: 26-Oct-1825

Place of Birth: Kyoto, Kyōto Prefecture, Japan

Date of Death: 20-Jul-1883

Profession: politician, diplomat

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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About Iwakura Tomomi

  • Iwakura Tomomi (?? ??, October 26, 1825 – July 20, 1883) was a Japanese statesman during the Bakumatsu and Meiji period.
  • He was adopted by the influential Iwakura family, and became perhaps the single most influential leader of the nobility during Japan's transition from feudalism to modernity.
  • By 1858 he was an advisor to the Emperor, but was exiled from the royal court from 1862 to 1867 for his moderation.
  • After release he became the liaison between the court and the anti-Tokugawa movement.
  • He played a central role in the new Meiji government after 1868.
  • He successfully opposed aggressive policies in Korea in the crisis of 1873, and was nearly assassinated by his enemies.
  • He led the 50-member Iwakura Mission for 18 months in Europe and America, studying modern institutions, technology, and diplomacy.
  • The Mission promoted many the key reforms that quickly modernized Japan.
  • He promoted a strong imperial system along Western lines, and played a central role in creating financial institutions for the new nation.
  • A 500 Yen banknote issued by the Bank of Japan carried his portrait.

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