Tatjana Ždanoka, Date of Birth, Place of Birth


Tatjana Ždanoka

Latvian mathematician and politician

Date of Birth: 08-May-1950

Place of Birth: Riga, Latvia

Profession: politician, mathematician, human rights activist, university teacher

Nationality: Latvia

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

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About Tatjana Ždanoka

  • Tatjana Ždanoka (Russian: ?????´?? ????´?????? ?????´?, Tatyana Arkadyevna Zhdanok, born May 8, 1950 in Riga) is a Latvian politician and a Member of the European Parliament.
  • She is co-chairwoman of the Latvian Russian Union and sits with the European Greens–European Free Alliance group. In the period of 1988-1989 she was one of the leaders of the Interfront, a political organization opposing Latvia's independence from the Soviet Union and too rapid market reforms.
  • She remained active in the Communist Party of Latvia after January 1991, when the party leadership called for a coup against the government of the Latvian SSR (in opposition to a restoration of independence).
  • In 1997 Tatjana Ždanoka was elected to Riga municipal council.
  • In 1999 she was deprived of the mandate in the Council and is prohibited from further nominating for election to the Latvian Parliament or local councils under Latvian law due to her former allegiance with the Communist Party after January 1991.
  • She is (with Alfreds Rubiks) in the peculiar position of being restricted to Europarliament elections.
  • Ždanoka has been co-chairman of the LRU and its predecessors since 2001.

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