Orlando Fals Borda, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Orlando Fals Borda

Colombian sociologist

Date of Birth: 11-Jul-1925

Place of Birth: Barranquilla, Atlántico Department, Colombia

Date of Death: 12-Aug-2008

Profession: university teacher, sociologist

Nationality: Colombia

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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About Orlando Fals Borda

  • Orlando Fals Borda (Barranquilla, 11 July 1925 - Bogotá, 12 August 2008) was a Colombian researcher and sociologist, one of the most important Latin American thinkers, and one of the founders of participatory action research.
  • Together with Father Camilo Torres Restrepo, in 1959 he set up one of the first sociology faculty in Latin America at the National University of Colombia.
  • His perspective built a singular bond between science and politics that changed dramatically the relations between society and knowledge.
  • He also played a key role of the foundation of CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences) at the end of the sixties.
  • An essential part of his effort was centered on the construction of a perspective from the border and the periphery, focused on the subordination conditions of the Latin American societies.
  • A polemic thinker and militant, Fals Borda developed an ethical conception of the subversion based on a particular method of analysis and a praxis called "positive subversion" through the idea of commitment.
  • Fals Borda's perspective also contributed to develop some recent critical interpretations, such as postcolonialism linked to the analysis of the effects of modernity/coloniality on the South.

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