Saichō, Date of Birth, Date of Death



Japanese Buddhist Monk

Date of Birth: 15-Sep-0767

Date of Death: 26-Jun-0822

Profession: bhikkhu, calligrapher, philosopher

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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About Saichō

  • Saicho (??, September 15, 767 – June 26, 822) was a Japanese Buddhist monk credited with founding the Tendai school of Buddhism based on the Chinese Tiantai school he was exposed to during his trip to Tang China beginning in 804.
  • He founded the temple and headquarters of Tendai at Enryaku-ji on Mount Hiei near Kyoto.
  • He is also said to have been the first to bring tea to Japan.
  • After his death, he was awarded the posthumous title of Dengyo Daishi (????).

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