Maya Deren, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Maya Deren

American filmmaker

Date of Birth: 29-Apr-1917

Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine

Date of Death: 13-Oct-1961

Profession: actor, poet, musician, choreographer, film director, dancer, film editor, film actor

Nationality: United States

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

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About Maya Deren

  • Maya Deren (April 29, 1917 โ€“ October 13, 1961), born Eleonora Derenkowska (Ukrainian: ??????ยด?? ???????ยด?????), was a Ukrainian-born American experimental filmmaker and important promoter of the avant-garde in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Deren was also a choreographer, dancer, film theorist, poet, lecturer, writer, and photographer. The function of film, Deren believed, was to create an experience.
  • She combined her interests in dance, Haitian Vodou and subjective psychology in a series of surreal, perceptual, black-and-white short films.
  • Using editing, multiple exposures, jump-cutting, superimposition, slow-motion, and other camera techniques to her advantage, Deren abandoned established notions of physical space and time, resulting in a stream-of-consciousness approach. Meshes of the Afternoon (1943), her collaboration with Alexander Hammid, has been one of the most influential experimental films in American cinema history.
  • She went on to make several films of her own, including At Land (1944), A Study in Choreography for Camera (1945), and Ritual in Transfigured Time (1946), writing, producing, directing, editing, and photographing them with help from only one other person, Hella Heyman, her camerawoman.

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