Giuseppe Guarneri, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Giuseppe Guarneri

Italian luthier

Date of Birth: 21-Aug-1698

Place of Birth: Cremona, Lombardy, Italy

Date of Death: 17-Oct-1744

Profession: luthier, musical instrument maker

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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About Giuseppe Guarneri

  • Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri, del Gesù (, also UK: , Italian: [d?u'z?ppe gwar'n??ri]; 21 August 1698 – 17 October 1744) was an Italian luthier from the Guarneri family of Cremona.
  • He rivals Antonio Stradivari (1644–1737) with regard to the respect and reverence accorded his instruments, and for many prominent players and collectors his instruments are the most coveted of all.
  • Instruments made by Guarneri are often referred to as Del Gesùs.
  • Guarneri is known as del Gesù (literally "of Jesus") because his labels after 1731 incorporated the nomina sacra, I.H.S.
  • (iota-eta-sigma) and a Roman cross.
  • His instruments diverged significantly from family tradition, becoming uniquely his own style.
  • They are considered equal in quality to those of Stradivari, and claimed by some to be superior.
  • Guarneri's violins often have a darker, more robust, more sonorous tone than Stradivari's.
  • Fewer than 200 of Guarneri's instruments survive.
  • They are all violins, although one cello bearing his father's label, dated 1731, seems to have been completed by del Gesù.
  • The quality and scarcity of his instruments have resulted in sale prices in excess of $10 million USD. An asteroid has been named 19185 Guarneri in his honour.

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