George Ivașcu, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


George Ivașcu

Romanian literary critic

Date of Birth: 22-Jul-1911

Place of Birth: Cerțești, Galați County, Romania

Date of Death: 21-Jun-1988

Profession: poet, librarian, translator, biographer, literary critic, philologist, literary historian

Nationality: Romania

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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About George Ivașcu

  • George Iva?cu (most common rendition of Gheorghe I.
  • Iva?cu; July 22, 1911 – June 21, 1988) was a Romanian journalist, literary critic, and communist militant.
  • From beginnings as a University of Ia?i philologist and librarian, he was drawn into left-wing antifascist politics, while earning accolades as a newspaper editor and foreign-affairs journalist.
  • Openly confronting the Iron Guard and fascism in general, he was persecuted and went into hiding during the first two years of World War II.
  • He reemerged as a pseudonymous correspondent, then editorial secretary, of the magazine Vremea, slowly turning it away from fascism.
  • In parallel, he also contributed to the clandestine left-wing press, preparing for an Allied victory. After a brief career in the communist regime's bureaucracy, Iva?cu found himself exposed to accusations of perfidy.
  • Due in large part to a case of mistaken identity, he was prosecuted for fascism and war crimes, and spent almost five years in confinement.
  • Released and rehabilitated by the same regime, his alleged compromises with both fascism and communism have been at the center of controversies ever since. In his later years, Iva?cu profited from liberalization and, as editor of Contemporanul, Lumea, and România Literara, allowed nonconformist talents to express themselves with confidence, while he himself oscillated between national communism and Western Marxism.
  • His tolerance of dissent irritated the regime, and Iva?cu was pushed back into accepting and even promoting communist censorship during the final two decades of his life.

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