Husein Gradaščević, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Husein Gradaščević

Bosnian Muslim general

Date of Birth: 31-Aug-1802

Place of Birth: Gradačac, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date of Death: 17-Aug-1834

Profession: military officer

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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About Husein Gradaščević

  • Husein Gradašcevic (31 August 1802 – 17 August 1834) was an Ottoman Bosnian and later independent Bosniak military commander who later led a rebellion against the Ottoman government, seeking autonomy for Bosnia.
  • Born into a Bosnian Muslim noble family, Gradašcevic became the captain of Gradacac in the early 1820s, succeeding his relatives (among whom were his father) at the position.
  • He grew up surrounded by a political climate of turmoil in the western reaches of the Ottoman Empire.
  • With the Russo-Turkish war (1828–29), Gradašcevic's importance rose; the Bosnian governor gave him the task of mobilizing an army between the Drina and Vrbas.
  • By 1830, Gradašcevic became the spokesperson of all Ottoman captains in Bosnia, and coordinated the defense in light of a possible Serbian invasion.
  • Sparked by Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II's reforms that abolished the Janissaries and weakened the privileges of the nobility, and the autonomy and territory granted to the Principality of Serbia, much of the Bosnian nobility united and revolted.
  • Gradašcevic was chosen as the leader, and claimed the title of Vizier.
  • This uprising, with goals of autonomy, lasted three years and included termination of Ottoman loyals mainly in Herzegovina.
  • Among notable accomplishments, Gradašcevic led forces victorious against the Ottoman field marshal in Kosovo.
  • The uprising failed, while all captaincies were abolished by 1835.
  • Temporarily exiled in Austria, he negotiated his return with the Sultan and was allowed to enter all of the Ottoman Empire except Bosnia.
  • He died under controversial circumstances in 1834 and was buried in the Ejub cemetery in Constantinople.
  • Gradašcevic received the honorific "the Dragon of Bosnia" (Zmaj od Bosne), and is considered a Bosniak folk hero and one of the most revered figures in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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