Princess Deokhye, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Princess Deokhye

The Korean Empire's last princess

Date of Birth: 25-May-1912

Place of Birth: Changdeokgung, South Korea

Date of Death: 21-Apr-1989

Profession: aristocrat

Nationality: South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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About Princess Deokhye

  • Princess Deokhye of Korea (25 May 1912 – 21 April 1989) was the last princess of the Korean Empire. She was born on 25 May 1912 at Changdeok Palace in Seoul.
  • She was the youngest daughter of Emperor Gojong and his concubine, then known as Yang Gui-in.
  • Then, Emperor Gojong bestowed a royal title, Boknyeong, to Yang when she gave birth to Princess Deokhye.
  • Princess Deokhye was not formally recognized as a princess by Japan until 1917, because she was not a daughter of the queen.
  • In 1917, her name was formally entered into the Imperial Family's registry.
  • Her father, Emperor Gojong, loved her greatly and established the Deoksu Palace (???) Kindergarten for her in Junmyungdang (???), Hamnyeong hall.
  • Girls her age from noble families attended the kindergarten.
  • Princess Deokhye is called Deokhye Ongju in Korea, not Gongju.
  • Gongju refers to the daughters of the queen, and Ongju refers to the daughters of concubines.

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