M. Night Shyamalan, Date of Birth, Place of Birth


M. Night Shyamalan

Indian-American screenwriter, film director, and producer

Date of Birth: 06-Aug-1970

Place of Birth: Mahé, Kerala, India

Profession: screenwriter, actor, writer, film director, film producer, film actor

Nationality: United States, India

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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About M. Night Shyamalan

  • Manoj Nelliyattu "M.
  • Night" Shyamalan ( SHAH-m?-lahn; born August 6, 1970) is an American filmmaker and actor.
  • He is known for making films with contemporary supernatural plots and twist endings.
  • He was born in Mahé, Puducherry, India, and raised in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania.
  • The cumulative gross of his films exceeds 3 billion dollars globally.He made his directorial debut in 1992 with his first movie Praying with Anger.
  • His second movie was the comedy-drama film Wide Awake (1998).
  • His most well-received films include the supernatural thriller The Sixth Sense (1999), the superhero thriller Unbreakable (2000), the science fiction thriller Signs (2002) and the period-piece thriller The Village (2004).
  • For The Sixth Sense, Shyamalan received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Director and the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.
  • Afterward, Shyamalan released a series of poorly received but sometimes financially successful movies, including the dark fantasy Lady in the Water (2006), the eco-thriller The Happening (2008), The Last Airbender (2010) (an adaptation of the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender), and the science fiction film After Earth (2013).
  • Following the financial failure of After Earth, Shyamalan's career was revived with the release of the found footage horror film The Visit (2015), the psychological thriller Split (2016), and continued with the superhero thriller Glass (2019), with these three made for a combined total of $34 million, while earning a combined box office of $625 million.
  • Glass is the third and final chapter of his Unbreakable film series. In addition to his directorial work, Shyamalan was a producer for the horror film Devil (2010).
  • Shyamalan was also called in for an uncredited rewrite for the teen film She's All That (1999) and also served as a writer for the film Stuart Little (1999). Shyamalan is also known for filming and setting his films in and outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Most of his commercially successful films were co-produced and released by Walt Disney Studios' Touchstone and Hollywood film imprints.
  • In 2008, Shyamalan was awarded the Padma Shri by the government of India.

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