Chiyo Uno, Date of Birth, Date of Death


Chiyo Uno

Japanese writer

Date of Birth: 28-Nov-1897

Date of Death: 10-Jun-1996

Profession: writer, novelist

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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About Chiyo Uno

  • Chiyo Uno (?? ?? November 28, 1897 – June 10, 1996) was a female Japanese author who wrote several notable works and was a known kimono designer.
  • She had a significant influence on Japanese fashion, film and literature.
  • She was born in a section of Iwakuni known as Kawanishi, "west of the river." Following an initial literary success and winning of a short story prize, Uno left her first husband and moved to Tokyo.
  • Like many young Japanese of the 1920s, Uno was fascinated with American and European culture and dress and was one of the first women in Japan to bob her hair like a flapper.
  • Beyond hairstyles, Uno also began to pursue the life of a free-spirited woman.
  • She wanted to be a mo ga, or modern girl, and not confined to just the role of supportive wife and mother.
  • She became part of the Bohemian world of Tokyo, having liaisons with other writers, poets and painters.

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