Shizuo Fujieda, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Shizuo Fujieda

Japanese writer

Date of Birth: 20-Dec-1907

Place of Birth: Fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Date of Death: 16-Apr-1993

Profession: writer, novelist, ophthalmologist

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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About Shizuo Fujieda

  • Shizuo Fujieda (?? ??, Fujieda Shizuo, December 20, 1907 - April 16, 1993) was a Japanese author. Shizuo Fujieda's first profession was of an ophthalmologist.
  • For many years before becoming a full-time author he wrote only when he was free from his work as an ophthalmologist.
  • Fujieda's literary career began rather late.
  • He was already 39 when his first short story was published in a literary magazine.
  • Fujieda knew Shugo Honda and Ken Hirano, two literary critics, from his school days.
  • It was that duo who gave him his pen name.
  • Naoya Shiga, one of the best known writers of the time, was an inspiration to Fujieda.
  • When Fujieda was 20 he had met the famous writer.After several years of stagnation as a writer, Fujieda finally established himself as a writer of the autobiographical “I-novel.” He rose steadily to prominence in this genre.
  • The effort to explore the self is evident in Fujieda's works.
  • This deep exploratory prose is the hallmark of Fujieda's.
  • There are also significant portions in his stories that bear a strong resemblance to reality, to his life.
  • In the story Kuki atama (Head of Air), the protagonist is, like Fujieda once was, an ophthalmologist.
  • His stories also deal with subjects such as relations between father and son and between siblings but in unusual settings.
  • In his story Ikka danran (Happy Family Circle), the protagonist falls through into a grave and is met by his father and five siblings.

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