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Louis Blériot

French aviator, inventor and engineer

Date of Birth: 01-Jul-1872

Place of Birth: Cambrai, Hauts-de-France, France

Date of Death: 01-Aug-1936

Profession: businessperson, engineer, inventor, aircraft pilot, aeronautical engineer

Nationality: France

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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About Louis Blériot

  • Louis Charles Joseph Blériot ( BLERR-ee-oh, also US: BLAY-ree-oh, -?OH, blair-YOH, French: [lwi ble?jo]; 1 July 1872 – 1 August 1936) was a French aviator, inventor, and engineer.
  • He developed the first practical headlamp for cars and established a profitable business manufacturing them, using much of the money he made to finance his attempts to build a successful aircraft.
  • Blériot was the first to use the combination of hand operated joystick and foot-operated rudder control as used to the present day to operate the aircraft control surfaces.
  • Blériot was also the first to make a working, powered, piloted monoplane.
  • In 1909 he became world-famous for making the first airplane flight across the English Channel, winning the prize of £1,000 offered by the Daily Mail newspaper.
  • He was the founder of a successful aircraft manufacturing company.

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