Yagan, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death



Noongar warrior

Date of Birth: 01-Jan-0001

Place of Birth: Western Australia, Australia

Date of Death: 11-Jul-1833

Profession: warrior

Nationality: Australia

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Yagan

  • Yagan (; c.
  • 1795 – 11 July 1833) was an Indigenous Australian warrior from the Noongar people.
  • He played a key part in early resistance to British colonial settlement and rule in the area surrounding what is now Perth, Western Australia.
  • Yagan was pursued by the local authorities after he killed Erin Entwhistle, a servant of farmer Archibald Butler.
  • It was an act of retaliation after Thomas Smedley, another of Butler's servants, shot at a group of Noongar people stealing potatoes and fowls, killing one of them.
  • The government offered a bounty for Yagan's capture, dead or alive, and a young settler, William Keats, shot and killed him.
  • Yagan's execution figures in Australian history as a symbol of the unjust and sometimes brutal treatment of the indigenous peoples of Australia by colonial settlers.
  • He is considered a hero by the Noongar.After his shooting, settlers removed Yagan's head to claim the bounty.
  • Later, an official sent it to London, where it was exhibited as an "anthropological curiosity" and eventually given to a museum in Liverpool.
  • It held the head in storage for more than a century before burying it with other remains in an unmarked grave in Liverpool in 1964.
  • Over the years, the Noongar asked for repatriation of the head, both for religious reasons and because of Yagan's traditional stature.
  • The burial site was identified in 1993; officials exhumed the head four years later and repatriated it to Australia.
  • After years of debate within the Noongar community on the appropriate final resting place, Yagan's head was buried in a traditional ceremony in the Swan Valley in July 2010, 177 years after his death.

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