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Edmund Husserl

German philosopher, known as the father of phenomenology

Date of Birth: 08-Apr-1859

Place of Birth: Prostějov, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic

Date of Death: 27-Apr-1938

Profession: mathematician, university teacher, philosopher

Nationality: Austria, Germany

Zodiac Sign: Aries

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About Edmund Husserl

  • Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl ( HUUSS-url, also US: HOO-surl, HUUSS-?r-?l, German: ['??tm?nt 'h?s?l]; 8 April 1859 – 27 April 1938) was a German philosopher who established the school of phenomenology.
  • In his early work, he elaborated critiques of historicism and of psychologism in logic based on analyses of intentionality.
  • In his mature work, he sought to develop a systematic foundational science based on the so-called phenomenological reduction.
  • Arguing that transcendental consciousness sets the limits of all possible knowledge, Husserl redefined phenomenology as a transcendental-idealist philosophy.
  • Husserl's thought profoundly influenced the landscape of 20th-century philosophy, and he remains a notable figure in contemporary philosophy and beyond. Husserl studied mathematics under the tutelage of Karl Weierstrass and Leo Königsberger, and philosophy under Franz Brentano and Carl Stumpf.
  • He taught philosophy as a Privatdozent at Halle from 1887, then as professor, first at Göttingen from 1901, then at Freiburg from 1916 until he retired in 1928, after which he remained highly productive.
  • In 1933, due to racial laws, having been born to a Jewish family, he was expelled from the library of the University of Freiburg, and months later resigned from the Deutsche Akademie.
  • Following an illness, he died in Freiburg in 1938.

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