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Jan Lam

Polish Journalist, writer, comic, teacher

Date of Birth: 16-Jan-1838

Place of Birth: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine

Date of Death: 03-Aug-1886

Profession: writer, author, journalist

Nationality: Poland

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Jan Lam

  • Jan Lam (1838 - 1886) was a Polish journalist, writer and comic, as well as a teacher in numerous schools of Galicia.
  • He is probably best remembered as the author of a poem Marsz Sokol贸w, the anthem of the Sok贸l, as well as a long-time journalist of the Dziennik Polski daily. Jan Lam was born Johann Lam on January 16, 1838 in the town of Stanislaw贸w, Austria-Hungary (now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine).
  • Born to a German family, he chose to be a Pole much like most of his colleagues and took part in the January Uprising against Imperial Russia.
  • Upon his return to Austria in 1864 he was arrested and sentenced to one year in prison for his part in the struggle against Russia. In 1866 he moved to Lw贸w, where he briefly appeared as a journalist of the Gazeta Narodowa daily.
  • In 1868 he started publishing a weekly Lw贸w chronicles column, a largely popular satirical rubric.
  • Its popularity made him change the newspaper and the following year he was hired by the Dziennik Polski, the most popular Polish language newspaper of Galicia.
  • He also published a number of novels, most of which were also satirical to some extent.
  • In his works he mocked the short-mindedness of the szlachta and the clergy, as well as the absurdities of Austro-Hungarian rule and red-tape in Galicia.
  • Such topics made Lam one of the most popular journalist of Lw贸w, a town primarily inhabited by burghers rather than gentry.
  • He died August 3, 1886 in Lw贸w (then Austro-Hungarian Galicia, modern Lviv in Ukraine).

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