Giacomo Medici (general), Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Giacomo Medici (general)

Italian general

Date of Birth: 16-Jan-1817

Place of Birth: Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Date of Death: 09-Mar-1882

Profession: politician, military officer

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Giacomo Medici (general)

  • Giacomo Medici, Marchese del Vascello (15 January 1817 – 9 March 1882) was an Italian patriot and soldier. Medici was born in Milan in January 1817.
  • In London he met Giuseppe Mazzini, and later in Montevideo Giuseppe Garibaldi. In 1849 he served with the army of the Roman Republic, fighting in defence of the Villa Vascello, near the Porta San Pancrazio, for which he was later awarded of the gold medal and the title of Marchese del Vascello. During the Second War of Italian Independence in 1859, he joined Garibaldi's Hunters of the Alps, received the command of a battalion, and distinguished himself in the Battle of Varese.
  • The following year, he participated in the expedition of "The Thousand" (I Mille), fighting in the Battle of Milazzo, at Messina, and in the Battle of the Volturno. During the Third War of Italian Independence in 1866, he was commander of the Trentino division.
  • He became Grand Officer of the Military Order of Italy for his role in the war. In the new Kingdom of Italy, Medici was several times deputy and senator.
  • He died in Rome on March 9, 1882.

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