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Harold Hotelling

American economist and statistician

Date of Birth: 29-Sep-1895

Place of Birth: Fulda, Minnesota, United States

Date of Death: 26-Dec-1973

Profession: mathematician, economist, university teacher, statistician

Nationality: United States

Zodiac Sign: Libra

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About Harold Hotelling

  • Harold Hotelling (; September 29, 1895 – December 26, 1973) was an American mathematical statistician and an influential economic theorist, known for Hotelling's law, Hotelling's lemma, and Hotelling's rule in economics, as well as Hotelling's T-squared distribution in statistics.
  • He also developed and named the principal component analysis method widely used in finance, statistics and computer science. He was Associate Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University from 1927 until 1931, a member of the faculty of Columbia University from 1931 until 1946, and a Professor of Mathematical Statistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 1946 until his death.
  • A street in Chapel Hill bears his name.
  • In 1972, he received the North Carolina Award for contributions to science.

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