Ikki Kita, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Ikki Kita

Japanese philosopher

Date of Birth: 03-Apr-1883

Place of Birth: Sado, Japan, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Date of Death: 19-Aug-1937

Profession: writer, Esperantist, philosopher, prosaist

Nationality: Japan

Zodiac Sign: Aries

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About Ikki Kita

  • Ikki Kita (? ??, Kita Ikki, 3 April 1883 – 19 August 1937; real name: Kita Terujiro (? ???)) was a Japanese author, intellectual and political philosopher who was active in early-Showa period Japan.
  • A harsh critic of the Emperor system and the Meiji Constitution, he asserted that the Japanese were not the emperor's people, rather the Emperor was the "people's emperor".
  • He advocated a complete reconstruction of Japan through a form of statist, non-progressive socialism.
  • Kita was in contact with many people on the extreme right of Japanese politics, and wrote pamphlets and books expounding his ideas.
  • The government saw Kita's ideas as disruptive and dangerous; in 1937 he was implicated, although not directly involved, in a failed coup attempt and executed.
  • He is still widely read in academic circles in Japan.

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