Lubor Niederle, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Lubor Niederle

Czech archeologist

Date of Birth: 20-Sep-1865

Place of Birth: Klatovy, Plzeň Region, Czech Republic

Date of Death: 14-Jun-1944

Profession: pedagogue, archaeologist, anthropologist, ethnographer, prehistorian, preface author

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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About Lubor Niederle

  • Lubor Niederle (September 20, 1865 – June 14, 1944) was a Czech archeologist, anthropologist and ethnographer.
  • He is seen as one of the founders of modern archeology in Czech lands. He was born in Klatovy.
  • He studied at the Charles University in Prague from 1883 to 1887.
  • He was initially interested in classical archaeology, then studied anthropology, sociology and ethnology.
  • Later, he studied in Munich under professor Johannes Rank (1889) and in Paris under professor Léonce Manouvriere at the École d’anthropologie.
  • Niederle also travelled in several Slavic countries, studying archaeological findings and historical documents. In 1898 Niederle was named professor at the Charles University.
  • As archaeologist he had represented the "university school" (univerzitní Å¡kola), opposed to the "museum school" (muzejní Å¡kola) represented by archaeologist Josef Ladislav Píc.
  • During 1907–08 Niederle served as a dean of Faculty of Philosophy, during 1908–09 as a vice-dean and during 1927–28 as a rector of the faculty.
  • In 1919 he helped to establish State Archaeological Institute (Státní archeologický ústav), today's Institute of Archaeology (Archeologický ústav) .
  • He also published many articles about Slavic ethnography and archaeology and was editor of several specialised journals.
  • Niederle had helped to set up Slavic Institute (Slovanský ústav) in Prague whose director he was from 1928 until 1931. Among his most-known works are Handbook of Czech Archaeology (Rukovet ceské archeologie, 1910, with Karel Buchtela) and mainly the eleven-volume series Slavic Antiquities (Slovanské starožitnosti) published between 1902 and 1934.
  • This series exhaustively investigated origin and prehistory of the Slavs, continuing earlier work by historian Pavel Josef Å afarík. Niederle died on June 14, 1944, in Prague.

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