Victor Charles Hanot, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Victor Charles Hanot

French physician

Date of Birth: 06-Jul-1844

Place of Birth: Paris, ĂŽle-de-France, France

Date of Death: 28-Oct-1896

Profession: internist

Nationality: France

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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About Victor Charles Hanot

  • Victor Charles Hanot (6 July 1844 – 28 October 1896) was a French physician remembered for his work in the field of hepatology.He earned his medical doctorate in 1875, and was associated with the HĂ´pital Saint-Antoine in Paris.
  • He was professor agrĂ©gĂ© of general medicine, and editor-in-chief of the Archives generale de mĂ©decine.
  • Hanot was considered to be a major influence in the career of Augustin Nicolas Gilbert (1858–1927). Hanot specialized in the study of liver diseases, making contributions in his research of cirrhosis and hemochromatosis.
  • He provided a description of primary biliary cirrhosis, a disease sometimes referred to as "Hanot's disease".
  • Among his written works was a study on hypertrophic cirrhosis titled Etude sur une forme de cirrhose hypertrophique du foie (cirrhose hypertrophique avec ictère chronique), (1875).He is associated with the eponymous "Troisier-Hanot-Chauffard syndrome", characterized as hypertrophic cirrhosis with skin pigmentation and diabetes mellitus.
  • The syndrome has several other names, such as "primary hemochromatosis", "bronze diabetes", "pigmentary cirrhosis" and "iron overload disease".
  • It is named with two other French physicians, Charles Emile Troisier (1844–1919) and Anatole Chauffard (1855–1932).

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